Stephen James Thompson is a graduate of film studies from the University of Reading. He began his career as a reader and script editor working for Marc Forstater, Carlton Television, Alibi and other production companies before joining Epic, the leading information technology company at the time. Serving as writer/creator of interactive and online learning projects, including the Foreign Office's award winning Planet Britain, Stephen was at the creative heart of new millennium innovations such as streaming, multicasting and video hosting. Returning to theatrical films, Stephen later joined Magic Hour as Creative Director, a post he continued at Luminaire. In 2015 he became head of development at Pebble Beach Screen Partners working on projects with directors such as Vadim Jean, Walter Hill and Waris Hussain. During the same period, he sold a number of screenplays and received  commissions, importantly Lone Mountain d.Roger Donaldson, producer John Barnett. In 2020, he was commissioned by Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films to write a Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole biopic. Entitled, Unforgettable, it has Christine Swanson (The Clarke Sisters) attached as director. Production starts in Spring 2022.


As Thom Searne he has recently finished writing Teen Avenue, the first in a series of crime novels set in 70’s Mayfair and featuring Welsh detective Elisud Jones.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.